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ELK/Ness M1 Driver

ELK/Ness M1 Driver

Price: $ 99.00

This driver controls the ELK/Ness M1 security system.  Integration via Ethernet(M1XEP) or Serial(M1SXP) Modules.

Give your end user the convenience of having access to the alarm system in the palm of their hand.  Build a replica of the LCD Keypad, or simply allow access to key functions.


  • Support for 1 - 8 Areas
  • Support for multiple arming levels
  • Zone Staus feedback
  • System Status feedback
  • Keypad emulation
  • Keypad LCD override
  • Temperature feedback
  • Access to System Log
  • Alarm and Arming events
For a comprehensive list of supported features click here

Ness M1 Elk

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