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SONOS Basic Driver


Version 3.0

Reach out with your XP MAC Address for a free license!


Licensing: The driver is licensed per XP processor. You can install as many instances on a given processor with a single license. Licenses are not transferable. Please use the driver's trial period to ensure it meets your expectations before purchasing.

Version 3 is a complete rewrite, taking advantage of the latest UPnP support added to the RTI firmware. It is much faster and more stable than ever before.

It now supports dynamic variable naming. Because of this you can't simply update an existing driver, it will need to be added instead.

Existing driver licenses will continue to work with this version -> free upgrade!

This driver allows up to 20 SONOS zones to be controlled from your RTI remote. You can assign the serial number of a SONOS device to a zone, which ensures that the right device will still be in the correct zone even if it's IP address changes.

If you have a Sonos zone player that’s been added as an input to an existing system, wouldn’t it be cool if the existing amp turned on when playback started, and automatically turned off when the user was done? Yep, we thought so too! This is real integration.

What the driver can do:

  • Transport controls (PLAY / PAUSE / NEXT / PREVIOUS)
  • Shuffle
  • Repeat
  • Switch between the library and line-in
  • Play the line-in from a remote device
  • Play a docked device (iPod/iPhone)
  • Set absolute volume
  • Volume inc/dec
  • Mute (on/off/toggle)
  • Front LED control
  • Loudness
  • Crossfade
  • Bass
  • Treble
  • Seek to time
  • Seek to track number
  • Name a line-in
  • Set the line-in gain
  • Ignore zones you are not interested in
  • Trigger events when zone playback starts/stops
  • Link/Drop Zones

Feedback available:

  • Zone name
  • Sonos model
  • Sonos model number
  • Sonos firmware version
  • Sonos IP address
  • Sonos ID
  • Volume (percentage)
  • Left/right volume (balance)
  • Bass
  • Treble
  • Loudness
  • Now playing track number
  • Now playing track length
  • Now playing track title
  • Now playing album name
  • Now playing artist name
  • Now playing track position
  • Now playing track position (percentage)
  • Next track title
  • Next album name
  • Next artist name
  • Next track / artist combined
  • Mute state
  • Playback state
  • Paused state
  • Shuffle state
  • Repeat state
  • Crossfade state
  • Cover art

Sonos Sonos

Sonos Sonos

What the driver can't do: Browse playlists/tracks/albums/artists, control Music Services (e.g. Pandora/Napster/Radio/Rhapsody/SiriusXM/ etc).

The older version of the driver can still be downloaded here:
Sonos Basic v2.14

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