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Clipsal C-Bus Driver

Clipsal C-Bus Driver

Free (No Cost)

Version 1.07

This driver controls the Clipsal C-Bus lighting control system.

The driver all of Australia has been waiting for... Clipsal C-Bus! Integrating RTI to C-Bus couldn’t be easier with this latest release from My Device.

2-way feedback is provided via variables with the ability to show feedback from applications 48, 49, 56 (lighting) and 95 (dali) and the ability to send commands to any application you wish.

Features include:

  • Sliders
  • Bell press buttons
  • Group toggle On/Off
  • Events from four applications
  • Relabeling DLT text
  • Group ramps with fade times
  • Set action selectors
  • Bar graphs
  • Serial and TCP/IP control

With our powerful events functions you can execute system macros from any key switch on the C-Bus network.

A simple demo file is provided for you to get you started as well as detailed instructions.

And yes it’s free!

Cbus driver

1.07 - Fixed issue with TCP connection.

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