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Global Cache Driver


Version 2.1

Reach out with your XP MAC Address for a free license!

This driver allows you to extend the functionality of your RTI system using the Global Cache IP based hardware.

The driver implements the full range of functionality and has been tested on both the GC-100 and iTach range of products.


  • Relay control and feedback.
  • Serial port configuration (baud/flow control/parity).
  • Serial port sending and receiving.
  • Discrete I/O feedback.
  • Infrared sending/port configuration.
  • System information (version, network configuration, config lock status).
  • Blink the power LED of GC-100 units.

With this driver you can add remote relays, inputs, serial ports and infrared transmitters over IP (with the appropriate GC hardware).

By including a special tool for compressing IR HEX codes we have even been able to get around the 128 character limit impossed by ID!

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