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Asterisk driver.

Price: $ 108.90

This driver provides 2-way feedback and events from the Asterisk PBX system.

Here are a few usage scenarios:

  • A guest presses the intercom button, you answer the call and recognize the person. You type *1 on your phone’s keypad which triggers an RTI macro to unlock the front gate and turn on the pathway lighting leading to the front door…
  • You have an incoming call (external or intercom) and the phones throughout the house are ringing… but you’re sitting in the cinema watching a movie at a volume level that isn’t going to let you hear it. No problem, because the Asterisk driver has noticed the incoming call and has triggered an RTI macro to pause the movie and fade the cinema lights to 20%.
  • You want a doorbell sound to play throughout the house when the intercom is rang. Use the Asterisk driver to detect the incoming call, which triggers a macro to route a doorbell sound to the whole house audio system (Sonos, AD8x etc). Once you pickup a phone extension the driver detects the call has been answers and triggers an RTI macro to mute the doorbell sound.

Version 1.1: First public release.

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