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Rain8net Irrigation Controller Driver

Rain8net Irrigation Controller Driver

Price: $ 49.00

Version 1.4

This driver controls the WGLDesigns Rain8net irrigation system via RS232.

Who said RTI were just an A/V control company? With the latest driver from My Device the garden hose has been replaced by your trusty T3-V.

The Rain8net is an automation friendly irrigation control system that allows the XP-8 to control all of your garden’s irrigation sprinklers. Three Rain8net modules can be daisy chained together and connected via RS232 to the XP-8 for a total of 24 zones. Feed back as to what zones are running can be easily created in button states and in text via a string index.

A simple demo file is provided for you to get you started as well as detailed instructions.

Version 1.4: Added events to indicate when communication with the Rain8net has been lost and fixed a bug with the feedback variables for units > 1


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